In this solution we recommend create a new clean wordpress installation for mobile website like or After this Install our mobile theme in to the this clean wordpress. Configure and make a full setup work. Then;

  • Solution A: (Better for WordPress Desktop Site Owners)
    1-) Download WMF Mobile Redirector Plugin:
    2-) Install this plugin to your WordPress Desktop site. And activate it.
    3-) Go to Settings > WMF Mobile Redirector Page and set your mobile site address. And change other settings as you want.
    4-) After this it will redirect mobile & tablet devices to your mobile site.
  • Solution B: (Better for Joomla or PHP Desktop Site Owners)
    1-) Just download the file:
    2-) You will see 2 file in downloaded zip file. First is mobile_detect.php and second one demo.php. Open demo.php.
    3-) Replace demo.php’s codes with your mobile site address.
    4-) And copy all codes.
    5-) Open your desktop site’s index.php with an editor.
    6-) Put copied code in to the head of this document.
    7-) And be sure mobile_detect.php at the same directory with your desktop site’s index.php.