Here are a tutorial video and text below:


In this solution we recommend you install Aura to your existing WordPress Desktop Site. And activate it for setting up configurations ;

  • You only have to setup Aura Options Page after install Aura on your existing WordPress site.
  • You do not change Menu Setting & Widget Setting or Settings > Reading.!! This mean your desktop theme and mobile theme will use your existing home page. So If you watch above integration video I already told how to use home page for both themes. You don’t need to use every page like that because only home page can setup index page.
  • AND DON’T IMPORT DEMO CONTENT!! (Optional this will add more pages your existing site.)

After finish your configuration, activate your existing desktop theme again. Now we will install 2 plugin for switch theme.

  1. Click to Plugins > Add New and type Any Mobile Theme Switcher to search area. When you find this plugin click Install Now and activate it.
  2. Go to Aura Options menu end open Generals tab. Then turn on Theme Switcher mode and save options.
  3. After activation only you need to setup your mobile theme from Mobile Theme Switcher Menu photo below and select Aura Theme for Tablet & Smartphone;
  4. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your desktop theme.
  5. Now you need to setup Mobile Menu from Appearance > Menus > Create a new menu called Main Mobile Menu. You will see Aura Menu Theme Locations below your menu page. Please set your mobile menu to aura mobile main menu. Info photo below; (top primary menu is your existing desktop theme menu(twenty 14). So don’t touch it.)
    Now our work finished. You can activate Aura Mobile theme if you want to edit Aura Theme Options . Otherwise you do not need to activate it again. WMF Shortcodes , WMF Framework, Revolution Slider will work with your desktop theme.Only you can have problem on your static front page. On this case we recommend you to use Mobile Detection Shortcode and add a page code only visible in tablet & mobile phones in to the your existing front page & add a shortcode to your existing content for only visible in desktop computers (You can do this by select all your existing code, then press Mobile Detect Shortcode Button and select Only Show Desktops and Insert). So your current website will not effected with this code. But your mobile site will use this section only.For other pages you do not need to do this because you can create a menu separated from your existing desktop site. So you can create separated pages from your existing desktop site’s pages.Hope this helps.